Maliakos Gulf

Camping Interstation is situated at the heart of Greece, about 220 kilometres north of Athens, right next to one of the beaches surrounding the Maliakos Gulf and the national highway Athens-Thessaloniki. At a distance of only 2 kilometres you will find the harbour town Stilida, and at a distance of 20 kilometres the city Lamia; with 80.000 inhabitants the capital of the province Fthiotida, and beloved because of its beautiful centre with many squares surrounded by little terraces, shops and restaurants, long streets with fashion stores, old buildings, places to go out, museums and other (historic) sights. Both Stilida and Lamia are perfectly attainable by bus, train and/or national highway.

Στυλίδα - 2 χλμ από Camping Interstation


Λαμία - Camping Interstation


Othrys Oros Mountains, Kalidromo Mountains, Oiti Mount

The green coastline of the Maliakos Gulf is closely encircled by the Othrys Oros Mountains (1726 m) at north, the Kalidromo Mountains (1372 m) at south, and at west by the National Park Oiti and Mount Oiti (2152 m). For many years, this richly varied and spectacular mountainous and natural landscape has been widely known because of its tens of natural (healing) springs, popular beaches, and many remnants dating back to Pre-Historic, Hellenic and Byzantine times.

Othrys Oros Mountains

Kalidromo Mountains

Oiti Mount

Oiti National Park

Camping Interstate - Άλλα αξιοθέατα, Θερμοπύλες


Camping Interstation - Αξιοθέατα, παραλία στον Άγιο Κωνσταντίνο Φθιώτιδας

Agios Konstantinos

Camping Interstation: Αξιοθέατα - Καμμένα Βούρλα

Kamena Vourla

Camping Interstation - Αξιοθέατα, παραλία Ράχες


Camping Interstation - Αξιοθέατα, Παρνασσός

Parnassos Mountains

Other attractions

At the Maliakos Gulf lays the world-famous Thermopylae pass, known because of its hot water springs and the historic battle of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans against the Persian army. Places such as Kamena Vourla, Raches and Agios Konstantinos offer beautiful beaches with harbours, numerous taverns, bars and splendid restaurants. Behind the Kalidromo Mountains rise the spectacular Parnassos Mountains (2457 m) where you can find the National Park Parnassos, the ancient city of Delphi (known for its Oracle and temples), and the largest wintersports area of Greece.

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